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Success in operations, people and systems


Reading time: 3mins

Is lack of errors the only way of measuring success in operations?

There’s a way to shift your attention to what you’re doing right. Take a look at a rich conversation between Carl and Kristoffer, co-founders and CEOs of Daymi and Limina.

  • Why systems won’t solve all your problems but people will
  • Looking at financial operations through a different lens
  • Measuring success in investment management Ops teams
  • How can automation improve processes in operations?
  • What other solutions, similar to Daymi and Limina, are available in the market?
  • What’s Daymi’s key to success?

Every investment strategy and operational model is unique. Limina exists to support the growth of forward-thinking asset managers and help asset managers to overcome fragmented workflows.

Operations Hub Daymi

Get your systems, tasks and processes in order with one easy-to-use hub. Keep everything in one place – whether you outsource or run things in-house. Track and report with just a few clicks. And spot room for improvement – and celebration.