Everyday Ops made simple

Most operations teams within financial services struggle to stay in control. 

Daymi is an Interactive Operations Playbook making it effortless to have a real-time overview, eliminate unnecessary mistakes and stay compliant with automated evidence.

Leading Operations teams use Daymi to secure and future-proof their operations.

Operations are go

Get your systems, tasks and processes in order with one easy-to-use hub.

Daymi project management dashboard

Track, report, done

Set up recurring processes and get reminders when they’re due. Then see all your operations in real-time, as they happen. Remote teams? No problem. Everyone’s on the same page.

Never miss a single task again

Separate spreadsheets for daily, monthly or quarterly? Focus on working, not remembering. Set up a process once and have it on your dashboard every time it’s due. Add work descriptions and notifications, and you’re set!

Daymi for Audit trails

Compliance in a few clicks

Want to see what’s been going on? Daymi automatically generates a full audit trail of all your operations, which you can extract as a document or Excel sheet at any time. An easy way to spot areas for improvement – and call out any heroes in your team.

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