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Demonstrate operational resilience for Tomorrow                       Show that you are in control Today                  Prove your controls were done Yesterday

Introducing Daymi

An Operations Hub for Financial Services

Finally a way to get real-time overview of your business – no matter what system you use, or what types of processes or controls you have.

No need for lengthy onboardings or integrations – we can have you up and running in 24 hours.

Used by companies regulated by SEC, FCA, CSSF, FI, FIN-FSA, and many more.


Operational Tasks and Workflows

Consolidate all your checklists, workflows, and tasks into one place with full audit trail and exporting capabilities to quickly and easily prove what was done.


Operating Knowledgebase

Built-in descriptions and procedures make Daymi your Ops Manual, speeding up ODDs and audits while eliminating Key Man Risk and unnecessary errors.


Audit & Compliance

Show investors, auditors, ODDs and regulators that you are in control, how you mitigate your operational risk and prove that you are Operational Resilient.

Find out how Daymi can help you

Daymi’s designed to help you prove that you are in control and compliant. Financial Services are our number one focus, so all our features are built for compliance, speed and security

We’re trusted by the best

Svea bank x Daymi
CGAM x Daymi
Nordnet x Daymi
Carnegie Fonder x Daymi
Avanza Bank x Daymi
East Capital x Daymi
AktieInvest x Daymi
Processes completed each month
Hours saved
EUR, customers’ assets under management
Daymi for operational risk
It’s an incredibly powerful tool and I quickly came to wonder how I survived without it. The team were great in helping us map out our key processes and provide a central repository for our procedure documents. Chris Taylor, COO at CGAM
Daymi for operational risk
Daymi was a valuable tool for both building my career and our entire operations team. If you don’t have a centralised tool like Daymi, your business is open to risks. Bobana Oluic, Oversight Manager at East Capital
Daymi for operational risk
We grew at a high pace, so we needed a tool to streamline our processes. It took very little effort and cost to implement it. Daymi quickly became a part of our process improvement initiative. Simon Carlstedt, COO at FCG
Daymi for operational risk
Daymi became a game-changer for us. Ever since the implementation we haven’t missed a single task. We are now in control in real-time. I’ve never encountered a system that can provide this, and it’s so easy to use. Cintia Bodin, Head of Cash Management and Corporate Actions at Avanza Bank
Daymi for operational risk
To be honest, most of the time when implementing or using a new software, I find my expectations to be greater than the product. Daymi is the direct opposite; it works really, really well. Martin Weinert, Corporate Actions at Länsförsäkringar Bank
Being sort of “born and raised within operations”, and later on as the CEO of a systemically important FMI where operations were at the very heart of everything we did, I find myself completely in love with Daymi’s software. It is apparent that it is built by a team that has hands-on experience from operational tasks and with operational efficiency and significant risk reduction as a result. CEO, Financial Market Infrastructure

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Daymi for Operational risk