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We make Operations Shine

Our secure platform of easy-to-use tools has been designed for speed, compliance and safety

A little more about us

Daymi was founded in 2017 by Carl-Fredrik Svensson and Fabian Lindegren. Colleagues and friends since 2009, Daymi was the product of 20+ years’ combined experience and passion for the Financial Operations industry. Everyone at Daymi has experience from Financial Services, to make sure we understand your challenges.

Today, Daymi supports more than 60 clients, achieving an overall satisfaction score of 8.9/10. From larger clients like banks and service providers, to fund companies and wealth manager, Daymi helps teams take back control of their ops.

Daymi for operations management

Our values

Daymi isn’t just about delivery. It’s about development. Everything we do is designed to nurture and support our people. Here’s how

Put people first

With an always-open dialogue we can listen and learn, collaborate and grow, and develop revolutionary solutions that give peace of mind

Feel good

Come together, celebrate all moments and achievements of any size. Have fun, be happy and enjoy yourself


Continuous and meaningful innovation is achieved through ideas, equality and unity. Teamwork leads to great things

Simply transparent

We give teams the insights to shine a light on their work helping them achieve excellence and recognition. Shared knowledge is strength

Daymi for operational efficiency

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