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Daymi and Watson Wheatley Announce Connectivity Partnership.


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London & Stockholm, 15/08-2023

Watson Wheatley, the London-based specialists in securities reconciliation, are now a connectivity partner of Daymi, an interactive operations playbook based in Stockholm.

Using the API connection that Daymi offers allows systems such as Watson Wheatley’s iRecs to push tasks and notifications in real-time to the platform allowing operations teams to manage recurring projects, routines and tasks.

Tom Wheatley, COO, Watson Wheatley: “After a recent introduction to Daymi and an exchange of ideas we saw the value in connecting the two systems. This provides an overview of reconciliation tasks and exceptions to users who were not connected to iRecs already. We look forward to working on mutual integration projects in the near future”

Carl-Fredrik Svensson, CEO, Daymi: “At Daymi, our focus is on helping our clients efficiently manage and secure all their daily operations. After seeing the capabilities of Watson Wheatley’s product suit, we are confident that this partnership with Watson Wheatley will enable us to offer an even higher level of value. Through the integration of Watson Wheatley’s automated reconciliation flows and by enriching Daymi’s processes and tasks with real-time progress updates, status, and audit trails, we believe our clients will experience increased efficiency in their daily workflows, oversight and audit’s.”

About Watson Wheatley

Watson Wheatley was founded in 2007 to solve reconciliation complexities in buy-side firms and bring much needed reconciliation expertise to the FinTech space. The iRecs reconciliation tool was originally built for one of the largest hedge funds in Europe and offers a highly automated solution for reconciling even the most complex instruments. The system offers a fully integrated and best practice reconciliation approach which solves balance and position differences using the underlying transaction data. Further information is available at

Watson Wheatley has since expanded its product range to cover data aggregation and portfolio analytics, launching its Nevada solution in 2022. With extensive experience in the financial markets and a reputation for excellent customer service, Watson Wheatley is regarded as the premier provider of reconciliation, data aggregation and portfolio analytics solutions for asset managers.


About Daymi

Daymi was founded in 2018 and supports Financial Services firms secure their day-to-day and month-to-month operations. Daymi Workflow consolidates everything needed to do the right things, at the right time, in the right way and automatically saving the evidence needed, resulting in the elimination of unnecessary errors, key staff dependencies and increased efficiency. With the upcoming Daymi Analytics product, Daymi will offer it’s clients new insights into operations at the click of a button. Connecting the dots between performance, staffing, errors and much more will help firms take data-driven decisions in order to improve and optimize their operations.

Daymi services 60+ Financial Services firms in Europe, ranging from Service Providers, Banks to Asset Managers. With best-in-class support and individually tailored onboarding, our clients are up and running within a few days.

Further information is available at