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Designed for Financial Services

Track, Record and Prove your controls, processes and procedures

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Complete Overview

Gain full control of your deadlines and operational tasks. Never miss a deadline, even at stressful times and our advanced notification system acts as a safe-guard for critical controls.

Reduce errors & key man risk

Built-in procedures make sure everyone knows not only what to do and when, but also how. Speeding up onboarding of new staff and minimizing key man risk.

Log issues in 30 seconds

Problems or errors with vendors or counterparties can be recorded as well as internal problems. Our database gives you everything needed to become data-driven in your follow-up.

Designed to be quick

Sign-offs should be quick and easy. With business day logic, workflows with T+/- scheduling and approvals, you save time in your day-to-day sign-offs and the ongoing maintenance of your work.

Proof of execution

Every process, task and control in Daymi has a full audit trail and is always ready to be exported to ODD’s, auditors and regulators to show compliance. 

Report generator

Build customized reports to streamline internal reporting, quickly showcase what has happened and add context with custom commentary.

Mitigate Operational Risk

Take control of your operational risk with built-in documentation, alert notifications and contingency planning. Daymi lets you show how you track and mitigate your Operational Risk.

Analyze and Improve

Visualize all your controls, errors and track performance over time. Get ready for audits and make sure all issues are documented. Analyze your performance and finally show proof on how many people you need to run your business.

Trusted By Industry Professionals

Carnegie Fonder x Daymi
East Capital x Daymi
Cliens x Daymi
Lannebo x Daymi
SPP x Daymi
Didner & Gerge x Daymi
CGAM x Daymi


Daymi Dashboard view

Operational Tasks and Processes

Our recurring engine will automatically create your controls, offering a clear overview and progress of all deadlines. With our Business day logic, you can schedule tasks to align with your monthly subscriptions or quarterly FCA filings and built-in approvals simplifies manager sign-offs.

Daymi Dashboard listview

Operational Workflows

Create standardized workflows for ad-hoc processes. Track corporate actions, new product approval or new client onboarding with our workflows. Support for T+/- scheduling to make it as easy as possible to deploy new workflows.

Daymi tasks

Ad-hoc Tasks

Quickly capture all dynamic work items like trade breaks, audit requests, investor queries, or track your personal tasks.

Daymi Procedures and processes both in app and printed to PDF


Built-in procedure documentation minimizes key man risk, speeds up onboarding and reduces unnecessary mistakes. The built-in procedures are also printable, meaning you always have the latest procedure ready for the next audit, ODD or regulatory visit.

Error listing and connection to a process or a control

Log Errors and Issues

Capturing delivery problems should take no more than 20 seconds. Utilize our error logging to quickly record process issues, vendor problems, counterparties failing, or internal mistakes. Rapidly gather data for process improvement, vendor reconsideration, or evaluating counterparties.

Daymi Process execution history

Audit Reporting

Every control, process and tasks is automatically recorded, and you decide when history is locked down, to make sure you have tampering free history. With the click of a button you can prove your control execution to auditors, regulators or investors.

Daymi Performance metrics and analytics

Operational Performance

Analyze and visualize your performance with our Analytics Board. Connect the dots between critical control completion, errors and workload. Show management what happens when staff is out sick or when there’s an increase in corporate actions.

NEW – External data allows you to add custom data such as Failed Trade statistics to get a complete overview of your Operational Risks.

Daymi Stakeholder reports

Stakeholder Reporting

Create your own report template – streamline internal reports from fund accounting, operations and compliance or create aggregated reports to show the board of directors. Add custom commentary to set the data into context.

Some common questions

Who is Daymi for?

Daymi is created by and for professionals working with Operations in Financial Services, such as Asset Management, Banking, and Outsourcing. Daymi is used by both big and small organisations, from 100mUSD to 200bUSD with team sizes ranging from a handful individuals to multi-dozen teams.

What teams typically use Daymi?

Daymi is used broadly at our clients, but typical teams include: Back and Middle Office, Risk & Compliance, Securities, Fund, Accounting and Finance Operations as well COO functions.

What about onboarding?

The onboarding process typically takes you between 5-10 working hours (including the meetings and time spent on the setup) spread over 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the team or teams.

Daymi also offers all clients unlimited in-app support where we have a first response time of under 4 minutes on average.

How do you price?

We charge a licence fee for access to the platform, and we offer different solutions depending on what suits you best. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Is Daymi safe to use?

Yes, Daymi is very safe to use and has bank-grade security and compliance.

All your data is safely stored in the Swedish bedrock with a fully-Swedish independent provider.

Does Daymi support API?

Yes, Daymi has an open Rest-API available on request. The API is used by our clients to update controls for things such as batchjobs, creating tasks based on exceptions and much more.

Can I get a demo?

Of course! Book a demo here. We also offer a free trial if you have doubts.


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