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Financial Operations, a resource hub


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Daymi makes life easier by bringing all your most important operational processes into one place. We designed a resource hub exclusively for financial operations. Stay compliant and consistent at all times.

Trading schedules


Get a quick heads up on all national holidays before the upcoming week.

All holidays, trading hours, and more for the nordic Nasdaq OMX markets – Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland, and Norway.

Check bank holidays in the U.S. and their impact on trading services.

Complete list of bank holidays for the London Stock Exchange.

Stay on top of financial operations news every day. Step into major worldwide market news and see how it impacts your operations.



Quickly check the unrecognised ISIN number and make sure it is under the responsibility of your Administration Services when you receive your emails.

If you want to trade Orange Juice like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, here’s an ultimate cheat list for all exotic futures contracts. Find the symbol in the link above.

A quick cheat list for listing all the Letters corresponding to the correct delivery month. Add it to your Futures rebalancing process in Daymi, and you’re done.

Print it out, frame it, and put it on your wall – here’s a visual overview of 2020-2022. A perfect gift to the future nerd in financial operations!

Get quick info on stock prices if someone is hogging Bloomberg Terminal. Valuations may be a stretch, but Yahoo Finance will do good for a sanity check for that newly bought security.

Corporate actions


A list of all current and upcoming IPOs on Nasdaq Global, NYSE, Nasdaq Capital, Nasdaq Global Select.

Check out new issues on London Stock Exchange.

Our personal favourite, user-friendly source for IPO lists in Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Oslo, Brussels, and Lisbon. Use it for Euronext Access, Euronext Growth, and just good old Euronext checks.

Take a look at this highlight of Swedish resources. Ask anyone working with Swedish corporate actions for their top-3 resources, and they will name this.

Broaden your scope and find the latest investment opportunities, IPOs & offers across Europe.

Get an extensive list of all upcoming and future US IPOs.

Details of offeree companies and offerors currently in an offer period.




Make sure you are using the correct bank account number by converting your BBAN to the equivalent IBAN.

Double-check your international payments by using the correct IBAN – simplify your reconciliation processes, and avoid refund discrepancies.

Find the right SWIFT/BIC code for your transfer.

Double-check whether any mistakes were made when transferring cash. Find, calculate, and check bank codes including SWIFT, IBAN, and routing numbers here.

Check whether you are paying the right BG number.


Reporting in FinOps


Tired of clicking around to find the schedule and reporting link? Just use the link above.

Another site to report to in financial operations – what if you had a euro, pound, or dollar for every reporting you’ve done?



Daymi for operational risk

Stay on top of your ops

About Daymi

Daymi was founded to help financial operations teams manage, run and supervise their operations more efficiently. With vast combined experience, our team has hands-on knowledge about vital workflows within the financial industry. More importantly, how unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming they can be.

Daymi’s interactive operations playbook allows operations teams to work together in real-time, sharing information and updates on processes and tasks. Here you can track and manage all of your operations in a single platform, from valuation confirmations to investment limits. More so, identify and mitigate potential issues before they arise and meet regulatory requirements along the way. If you’re interested, book a free 15-minute consultation with us.