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SVEA x Daymi

Svea bank

Creating headspace across

  • Industry: Banking
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Website:
  • Company size: 750

Svea Bank is a newly launched digital banking solution that aims to help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow and expand their businesses. To understand the challenges that Svea Bank faced, we spoke with Jeanette Kangur, Head of Operations, and Fredrik Widlund, Head of Clearing & Settlement

Svea Banks handles various tasks and processes for departments such as Clearing and Settlement, Business Control, Credits, Factoring, and Anti-Money Laundering. The teams used checklists, whiteboards, and calendar reminders to keep track of their recurring tasks and deadlines. However, this method lacked transparency and efficiency and made it difficult for the team to get an overview of their current operational status.

Daymi x Svea bank | Operational efficiency

Struggle to get an overview of the current operational status.

Complicated handovers and knowledge transfer.

Checklists, whiteboards, and calendar reminders to keep track of their recurring tasks and deadlines.

Intense and stressful work days.


Staying compliant, with Daymi

To support their operations teams, Svea Bank implemented Daymi, to consolidate all process information in one place and made it a hub for their operations.  “We wanted Daymi to be a tool the teams use daily so it could reduce the pressure on the staff. Everyone can easily see in Daymi what they can do to relieve the workload for their colleagues and other teams”, explains Jeanette.  Sharing knowledge and gathering information in Daymi, makes it easy for the team to see what needs to be done.  and provides them with more headspace to focus on their work. 

Daymi allows us to focus on getting the work done rather than remembering what to do, which gives us more headspace. Our team can give our clients a better service, and more freedom for our staff.”

More importantly, to keep up with regulatory requirements, Svea uses Daymi’s audit trail and Daymi’s flexible notification system.  With Daymi, the team can get an email or a text message before an upcoming deadline or receive a receipt when a critical task is completed. To stay compliant, the team tracks, monitors and reports all of their operations in Daymi, making it easy for Svea’s team to prevent and detect non-compliance. 

Daymi for Operational efficiency

The solution

Robust procedures that secure their operations, managed in a single platform.

Mapped out routines with integrated work descriptions – handovers and stepping in made easy.


Clear procedures to manage and reduce operational risk.

controls per month
company size
daily controls
annual controls
Daymi for operational risk
Daymi provides more clarity, transparency, and control of our operations. It’s easy to share knowledge and gather information so we don’t have to look through different systems. The overall efficiency of our operations has greatly improved. Fredrik Widlund, Head of Clearing and Settlement

Headspace, for all teams

Today, Daymi is integral to Svea Bank’s daily operations. Daymi’s audit trail and flexible notification system help Svea stay compliant with regulatory requirements by allowing the team to track, monitor, and report their operations. 

With Daymi I can be certain that all our tasks and deadlines for the day are complete. The teams can in real-time signal when they start a task and then take the responsibility to complete it.”

By consolidating all process information in one place and making it a hub for operations, the team can easily manage and reduce operational risk. With Daymi, the team has access to clarity, transparency, and control, which allows them to focus on their work with more headspace.