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ISEC x Daymi


Streamlining Cross-Border Fund Administration with Daymi

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ISEC Group AB is a leading fund administration company based in the Nordic region and manages 160+ funds and 3,000+ portfolio accounts with SEK 250 billion in assets. They offer a wide range of services to their clients, including fund accounting, transfer agency, and risk management. ISEC is known for their exceptional customer service, and they take great pride in delivering high-quality work to its clients. The team uses Daymi to  Daymi helps ISEC onboard staff and manage cross-border teams, maintain quality, and stay on top of SLAs and ISAE 3402 compliance.

ISEC faced several challenges in managing their growing portfolio of funds and accounts, including onboarding new staff, managing cross-border teams, maintaining quality, and staying on top of their SLAs and ISAE 3402 compliance. Bo Liljengren, the Chairman of the Board and former CEO of ISEC, explains:

“We were managing all our clients and processes in multiple checklists coupled with work descriptions and many status meetings. It was time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to keep track of everything.”

Daymi for operational efficiency

Managing cross-border teams with day-to-day ops, which are intertwined.

Daymi for operational efficiency

Staying on top of your SLAs and ISAE3402 framework.

Staying in compliance with ISAE 3402 framework and having evidence for it.

Managing growth and onboarding incoming staff.

From Manual Checklists to Electronic Sign-offs

To address these challenges, ISEC turned to Daymi. Daymi provided ISEC with a centralized platform to manage all their processes, from daily recurring tasks like reconciliations and NAV calculations to monthly and yearly regulatory reporting. Daymi helped ISEC onboard new staff and manage cross-border teams by visualizing and describing processes step-by-step, minimizing the number of questions and errors. Liljengren says:

“Daymi allows us to rapidly onboard new employees. It is easy for the team to make sure it gets the attention needed before we miss a deadline.”

Since implementing Daymi, ISEC has been able to streamline their fund administration processes and deliver high-quality work to their clients. ISEC’s experience shows that by using Daymi, businesses can efficiently manage complex tasks while maintaining quality and meeting compliance requirements.

Daymi for operations management

The solution

Seamless distribution of tasks within cross-border teams.

Automatic sign-off for ISAE 3402 audits.

Time savings in both audits and daily tasks.

annual growth
SEK billion in assets
portfolio accounts
Daymi for operational risk
At ISEC, Daymi is truly the hub for all processes. By making sure processes and work descriptions are up to date in Daymi, onboarding new staff and clients are quickly and easily done. We highly recommend Daymi to any business looking to streamline their processes and improve quality. Bo Liljengren, CEO at ISEC