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Skandia x Daymi

A central repository of information and tasks, CG Asset Management

Managing growth with certainty

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  • Industry: Asset Management
  • AuM: £4.1bn

The challenge

Chris’ team is a “one-stop shop”, covering all aspects of investment operations from back to middle office.

Most managers we meet rely on shared email accounts or calendars to diarise their key deliverables. This approach lacks transparency, making it strenuous for managers to oversee the operational workflow or measure its effectiveness.

Deadlines can be easily missed and calendars appear cluttered. Team members find themselves spending time chasing updates on the status of shared workloads. Keeping on top of the firm’s day-to-day activity becomes a challenge.

Having scattered processes is a source of uncertainty and increased operational risk. Even though it is feasible, the reliance on individual team members is colossal and puts additional pressure on both staff and managers.

Daymi for operations management

Strenuous for managers to oversee the operational workflow or measure its effectiveness.

Heavy reliance on individual team members and high key staff dependencies.

Managing deliverables with email inboxes and calendar reminders.

Business-critical processes spread out over a few days.

Less controls, less risk

Chris started with thorough procedures but in the process of consulting with our team, he decided to first focus on the most critical controls instead. CG Asset Management’s team currently completes about 50 controls per month – more than enough to make different individual tasks into one easy-to-manage workflow.

Some of the business-critical processes were previously spread out over a few days. Daymi gave an opportunity to step back and ask, can this all be done as a standalone task? Can it have two condensed procedures rather than 20? For Chris, Daymi was the catalyst for change.

“Daymi’s team were great in helping us map out our key processes and provide a central repository for our procedure documents.”

Daymi for Operational efficiency

The solution

Robust procedures that secure their operations, managed in a single platform.

Mapped out routines with integrated work descriptions – handovers and stepping in made easy.


Clear procedures to manage and reduce operational risk.

annual controls
Company size
Company age
Daymi is an incredibly powerful process and workflow mapping tool. I’m using it to give me the necessary oversight of all recurring tasks and ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. I quickly came to wonder how I survived without it. Chris Taylor, the COO of CG Asset Management

An interactive process map

Now it’s easy to keep track of your operations, even when growing exponentially and onboarding new team members. Everyone has a clear overview of what to do, how and when.

“It frees up the time I would have spent tracking various workflows. I don’t have to check my diary constantly to see what’s coming up. I can open Daymi’s dashboard and see, in real-time, where we are with the day’s tasks.”

Imagine if a process needs an update – you can quickly update it in Daymi. Whether your team members are familiar with the procedure or not, they can pick it up with no knowledge and follow it through. Daymi provides an opportunity to click on a link, save a file or have a link to a procedure on the spot. When all the details are always available, everyone’s on track.

With Daymi’s help, Chris was able to proceduralise his recurring checks and ad-hoc processes, such as onboarding new staff. What needs to happen before a new person comes in through the door is now documented and turned into a deployable process the next time a new hire is signed.