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Operations hub for all your asset & investment management needs

Real-time team overviews, easy process set up and automated tasks and notifications

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An ops management workspace
built for speed and simplicity

Deliver on time, every time

Never miss a deadline and keep your customers happy with our advanced notification system and quality control tools

Increase operational efficiency

Consolidate your ops and improve performance with easy info sharing, simplified handovers, visual feedback and accountability tagging

Diversify efficiently and sustainably

Work faster and smarter with streamlined internal and external resource planning, complete workstream control and simple systems integration

Ready-to-go reporting

Get real-time ops overviews and regularly update your investors, with automated proof-of-work and SLA reports at the click of a button

Reassure your customers

Win big when it comes to operational excellence. From modernised ‘stand-out’ ways of working, to supporting customer due diligence, and future-proofing your offer

Instant delivery oversight

Look at tasks and procedures whenever you need to, and monitor progress per customer

back risks

Take control of your operational risk with task documentation, alert notifications and contingency planning

Consistent compliance

Prove regulatory requirements for your customers with custom reports, audit trails and documented proof-of-work

Trusted By Industry Professionals

Carnegie Fonder x Daymi
East Capital x Daymi
Cliens x Daymi
Lannebo x Daymi
SPP x Daymi
Didner & Gerge x Daymi
CGAM x Daymi


Daymi for financial operations

Pain-free processes

Combine all your tasks into one streamlined workflow. Create categories and tags. Get real-time progress. And edit as you go

Daymi for financial operations

Recurring equals reliable

Our recurring engine saves you time. From date scheduling, to templates — set up just once and you’re good to go

Daymi for financial operations

Time-saving templates

Tackle the trickier processes with our template solution. Create a template just once and use it whenever you need to. Ensuring all your ops are tracked and traced

Daymi for financial operations

Detailed work descriptions

Support team efficiency with a little extra detail. Easily view and edit work descriptions to keep things moving — right info, right people, right time

Customisable workspace

Everyone’s on the same page with our unified workspace. Collaborate and edit together in real-time. Or go solo to focus on your current workload. Whatever the task, no one’s left behind

Real-time notifications

Stay ahead of your tasks with our smart notifications. Set reminders when you need them, and escalate deadlines across your stakeholders

Daymi for financial operations

Total audit trail

Don’t worry, everything you do is automatically stored. View and share audit reports to follow up with your teams or improve processes

Connect the dots

Easily and securely connect your systems and workflows with our API. View, edit and update all from one place — it’s that simple

Daymi for operational risk
It’s an incredibly powerful tool and I quickly came to wonder how I survived without it. The team were great in helping us map out our key processes and provide a central repository for our procedure documents. Chris Taylor, COO at CGAM CGAM x Daymi
Daymi for operational risk
Daymi was a valuable tool for both, building my career and our entire operations team. If you don’t have a centralised tool like Daymi, your business is open to risks. Bobana Oluic, Oversight Manager at East Capital East Capital x Daymi
Daymi for operational risk
Before using Daymi, we compiled all important activities, ranging from compliance checks to yearly reporting, in Excel sheets. It was hard to keep track of our work across all employees and ensure we were on top of our work. David Östman, Risk and Business Analyst at Carnegie Fonder Carnegie Fonder x Daymi

Some common questions

Who is Daymi for?

Daymi is created by and for professionals working with Operations in Financial Services, such as Asset Management, Banking, and Outsourcing. Daymi is used by both big and small organisations, with team sizes ranging from a handful individuals to multi-dozen teams.

What about onboarding?

Onboarding is included for all, and yes you read right. ALL new clients to make sure that you will succeed in using Daymi. The onboarding process typically takes you between 5-10 working hours (including the meetings and time spent on the setup) spread over 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the team or teams. 

Daymi also offers all clients unlimited in-app support where we have a first response time of under 4 minutes on average.

How do you price?

We charge a licence fee for access to the platform, and we offer different solutions depending on what suits you best. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Is Daymi safe to use?

Yes, Daymi is very safe to use and has bank-grade security and compliance.

All your data is safely stored in the Swedish bedrock with a fully-Swedish independent provider (meaning no US-dependencies). We also have a backup site located in another part of the country, so you can use Daymi with peace of mind.

Does Daymi support API?

Yes, Daymi has an open Rest-API available on request. The API is used by our clients to import data from various portfolio management systems and automated/robotic processes, for example.

Can I get a demo?

 Of course! Book a demo here. We also offer a free trial if you have doubts.


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