See everything at a glance

Finding it hard to keep track of it all? From day-to-day recurring tasks to business-critical reports, systems and documentation, Daymi brings all your processes together in one clear, easy-to-use hub. More visibility; less room for errors.

Lead with recurring engine

Stick to financial regulations and requirements at all times, with recurring processes. Without the reliance on single team members, you can be sure everything will run like clockwork – whatever happens. 

Daymi for Audit trails

Report and improve, regularly

Just because tasks happen behind-the-scenes, doesn’t mean they should stay hidden. With Daymi, reports and records are easy to access. So you can spot room for improvement, see who needs extra help and celebrate little successes along the way.

Be reminded, freely

Set your notifications just how you like it. Be reminded on your phone, desktop or email anywhere and anytime. Escalate notifications to your team. Everyone is on the same page now, easy.

Daymi | Notifications

Stay consistent

Unify your workflows by adding work descriptions. Now, everyone knows what to do and how. Even the ones who just started. Save time and minimise risk.

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