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How Nordic Manco provider FCG uses Daymi to scale up their operations, minimize risk, and strengthen their internal control framework.

FCG – A Manco with high flexibility and short time to market

FCG Fonder, a part of the Nordic financial consulting group FCG, offers full-service Manco solutions to Nordic Asset Managers. By taking full responsibility of all fund management processes, FCG enables the client to focus on their core business.

We had a chat with Simon Carlstedt, COO of FCG Fonder, about the past year where FCG Fonder experienced high growth with the onboarding of many new clients and employees. Daymi was implemented during December 2017 and has been a part of their expansion since.

Scaling up operations

“We knew we need a tool to help us make our processes efficient and streamlined as we are growing at a high pace. We chose Daymi due to the minimal effort and cost required to implement it. After the introduction of the tool in our organization, Daymi quickly became a part of our process improvement initiative.” – Simon Carlstedt, COO

“Thanks to the intuitive and instant access to the product, we can quickly build our processes by simply adding all our tasks. Daymi helps us think in a process-oriented manner and supports us in creating a structure,” says Simon. Daymi is now a part of the everyday operations and suits FCG’s method of continuously improving processes and exceeding customer expectations.

We believe that having a structure in place, a way to follow up and continuously visualize performance is essential to be able to manage growth with quality. “With Daymi we can easily onboard staff, clients, and scale up our operations without losing control,” Simon adds. With time, the usage of Daymi has spread to different areas of the business and is used in the risk offering, to both internal and external clients, as well in the trading and asset management offer.

Facilitating external audits

As a fund company, regulated by the Swedish financial supervisory authority, many external stakeholders are involved in the different parts of the administration of FGC’s close to 50 funds. Audits, due diligences, and visits from custodians, clients, and other external parties are part of the ongoing operations.

“Due to the extensive audit trail functionality and the ability to minimize the risk within the processes we’re getting a strengthened internal control framework from our internal audits.“ Simon adds that “with Daymi we now have a tool where we systematically can follow-up on our processes, both in real time and later, when it suits us. We can easily provide our counterparties with the information they need on our processes and how we work. They can be assured that we’re never losing sight of either the big picture or the fine details of our operations. “


Growing with quality is one of the biggest challenges for everyone in the Financial Services industry nowadays. Thanks to using Daymi to facilitate all workflows, for all clients, FCG Fonder can easily onboard new staff and clients with minimal effort. And the risk of missing a single task is removed thanks to being able to track all progress in real-time and allowing staff to have access to how to carry out the process in the same workflow.

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