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Growing fast, together

One of our first clients, Carnegie Fonder, is one of Sweden’s largest independent fund companies. 

Managing over EUR 9 billion worth of assets can’t be easy. Before using Daymi, Carnegie’s team tracked their operations in spreadsheets, Outlook reminders and Word documents. Sounds familiar, right? All of it, from valuation confirmations to investment limits, was scattered across different systems, screens, and apps.

With Carnegie’s fast growth, the team struggled to keep track of its operations. All they needed was one hub, where they could track processes’ status on the spot and report quickly when needed.

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We recently met up with David Östman, risk and business analyst at Carnegie. We were curious to know how his team is using Daymi now and how they did it before. 


Working together, as a team

In only two days, the Carnegie Fonder middle office team became active Daymi users, carrying out both in-house and outsourced operations. 

Having had their chance to explore Daymi first-hand, the team started giving us feedback that boosted our progress. We spotted a chance for collaboration. We had an opportunity to work together, and improve fast along the way. 

It was Carnegie’s team that gave us an idea for one of the most popular features yet – automatically generated reports. Now, it’s at the core of the tool. 

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Operational resilience, settled

Today, Daymi is a central hub for all of Carnegie’s operations, covering their oversight controls of the outsourced operations and internal compliance procedures.

By bringing all their processes into one place, the team is now able to focus on raising AuM steadily and monitoring the ever-growing product portfolio. The result? Saved time, less stress, and minimised risk.

At Carnegie, Daymi has the widest use yet – middle office, risk, management, finance, marketing, and client support teams use Daymi. With 41 users out of 60 employees, Daymi is an integral part of all Carnegie’s operations.

The team can focus on financial regulations and requirements at all times. Without relying on the single team members, everything is running like clockwork – whatever happens.


We are building Daymi together 

For us at Daymi, it is central to understand the problems of each of our clients. After all, we’ve been in their place. We want to show that there is another way of working, a modern way. 

Through our collaboration with David, we saw the value Daymi brings to financial operations. It helped us create a better product and a better future. Since then, we are constantly improving by supporting solutions our clients seek.

Daymi is always on track and at your fingertips. Let’s do this! 

Operations are go. Let's do this!

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